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2 Gallon Combo Case of EOC and Equine Mega Sweat with Oxy Cleanse Powder

2 Gallon Combo Case of EOC and Equine Mega Sweat with Oxy Cleanse Powder

$ 227.89


Two Gallon Case Combo Pack - Equine Omega Complete and Equine Mega Sweat. 

Equine Mega Sweat has ten times the cell cleansing ability as our original Equine Omega Complete maintenance formula. In most cases horses begin to sweat in 48 hrs or only four servings. The Mega Sweat  in this combo case ships with our Equine Mega Oxy Cleanse. Equine Mega Oxy Cleanse is a powerful antioxidant, which reduces free radicals that may contribute to oxidative stress in horses. This product is all natural and all human grade. 

This product is specifically designed to work in tandem with Equine Mega Sweat to facilitate horses sweating 24 to 48 hours after using. 

Instructions: Sprinkle half a cup of powder over any type of high quality, low fat grain and then top dress with the Equine Mega Sweat product.

Product is shipped with a 5 oz cup, but any measuring cup is fine to measure out the product.

Please order a pump if you would like one included. 

Want to set up auto ship? Call JoDonna at (662) 719-0343 and we'll get you set up!

After sweating is resumed, continue using the Mega Sweat until empty then switch to Equine Omega Complete and feed at a double serving for another month then back off to the maintenance dose and you should never have sweating issues again.