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Two Gallon Equine Omega Complete Vitamin E

Two Gallon Equine Omega Complete Vitamin E

$ 219.90


Equine Omega Vitamin E is a specific version of Equine Omega Complete. It has all of the benefits of Equine Omega Complete AND 10,000 IU's of all natural Vitamin E per daily dose.

Equine Omega Vitamin E is a specific formula to support a variety of equine conditions requiring additional Vitamin E support. 

Equine Omega Vitamin E is formulated to support horses affected with conditions such as Equine Protozoal Myelitis, Equine Motor Neuron Disease (EMND), Vitamin E Deficient Myopathy (VEM), Nutritional Myodegeneration (NMD) or White Muscle Disease, Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (NAD) and Equine Degenerative Myeloencephalopathy (EDM).

Our source of Vitamin E is D-Alpha Tocopherol. Recent studies have shown this form of Vitamin E was successful at maintaining needed blood levels of Vitamin E in the horse.*

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. Equine Omega Vitamin E is an all-natural fat based supplement for ease of feeding, includes omega 3 fatty acids to support health at the cellular level, as well as a healthy source of calories.

We suggest you consult with your Veterinarian before using Equine Omega Vitamin E for additional instructions.

Product is shipped with a 5 oz cup, but any measuring cup is fine to measure out the product. Please order a pump if you would like one included. Need auto ship? Call and we'll get you set up!